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Bencinya Potong Rambut - Why? [ Ask Me What Aspie Feels Like ]

Did you know some Aspergers hate getting their hair cut because some of them are so sensitive anything to do with their hair can actually make them so stress they cant function. Take me for example. Masa berpantang suruh ikat rambut cam samurai jepun tu. Adoiii so stress. Even kalau ikut rambut ada satu dua piece tertarik really tegang it freaks me out I cannot function and concentrate on what I am doing.

So this is the reason why Syasya hates cutting her hair and dah lama cik Syasya tak potong rambut. Lately rambut dia agak berat bila di tocang dan masukkan dalam serkup. Sometimes tertarik sikit anak rambut dia jerit macam mak dia dera kena cucuh putung rokok. Huhuhu.

Last potong rambut rasanya 2012. Wow lama tu - 3 tahun. Awal tahun bawa untuk potong rambut kat Empire dia boleh TANTRUM MENANGIS. Yes. I kid you not.

So lepas baca blog Aspects of Aspergers, barulah I faham issue dia.
More recently, I've realised it does hurt – but not in the simplistic way that those articles seemed to be suggesting (or possibly I was misinterpreting, taking them too literally! A difficulty with being autistic is never quite knowing if a misunderstanding is due to your autism – it can be, but certainly isn’t always). It’s not that I have feeling in my hair – rather, it’s the pulling of my hair that comes with brushing and combing and tying bits up. My head hurts afterwards. And the blowdrying always causes me distress, because the hairdryers are put so very close to my head and they are too hot, and feel intrusively close. And the smells of the various stuff sprayed in the room (even when not sprayed at my head) overwhelms me. It’s just an overwhelming, painful experience in general
So lepas baca ni, I selalu macam pep talk dengan dia, rambut tu semakin panjang semakin susah Mama dia nak ikat. Kalau terselit kat getah tarik sikit je dia dah menangis. So the only way to overcome that anxiety is to have your hair cut. I also told her, I will wash her hair at home (obviously sejak tahu anak-anak and myself macam ni, I dah tukar semua to a more natural and organic shampoo and conditioner. No way I am going to allow any chemicals touch their hair & skin)

I also told her, lepas tu kita pergi jalan-jalan and you can choose mana you nak pergi makan (provided it was healthy). And terus dia macam happy, less stress
So we search jugak anywhere area Tropicana Mall kut ada hair salon dan child's cut below 7 tahun is only RM19++ not including GST.

I even told the stylist, setting hairdryer jangan panas sangat. Please be gentle with her. Memang muka dia agak cuak but I am so proud of her that day.

Lepas potong rambut, makin menyerlah muka kawai jepun dia adooi hahaha

I am glad juga I read this blog. Now my "horror" is going to the dentist. Hair cuts not so much and I boleh totally relate. I tak suka dentist yang judge me - "kenapa dah lama tak datang" (you dont even know half of my problems and anxiety) - I just want a dentist yang do apa I nak - I hate getting fillings because the sound of the drill makes me so anxious I can cry - so if I cakap, cabut, just cabut, No fillings I BEG YOU
And there’s the fear of the unexpected – not knowing quite how it will look at the end. Will it be okay? Will the sides be the same length? I’ve had many a hairdresser get annoyed with me in the past because I said that one side was longer than the other, and I wanted them even! A main reason I was comfortable with the hairdresser who went to Australia was that she would simply laugh in a friendly way when I explained I wanted the sides even – she was totally laid back about it and that made such a difference. It can be a frightening feeling when someone is irritated with you. Also, she didn’t chat to me, which also made a difference. It’s not that I can’t make myself do small talk when necessary, but having to make small talk to a stranger while on complete sensory overload is very exhausting.

We also made a video of this weekend sebab as I mentioned dah lama Syasya tak potong rambut. And maybe for the next haircut when it ever needs to come around, I can show her the video and tell her "remember this brave time" - while answering some of the issues she might say - "takutlah..."

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