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The Happy Hospital - Brand new all female medical staff maternity hospital is now in full gear

Mommies, Tuanku Azizah Maternity Hospital, the brand new all female medical staff maternity hospital is now in full gear to serve you. Enjoy first class antenatal and post-natal care by TAMH's very experienced O & G and nurses. They have Paeds, family planning consultancy, lactation advice, health checks and circumsion for children as well. For those in Wangsa Maju, Setiawangsa, Taman Melawati and Sri Rampai this is THE place for your family's well-being and health advice. Check them out, experience the positive vibes at TAMH yourself. Like their FB page to find out more.

Dearest friends, Our Clinics and Wards are now operational and we can't wait to see you!! We apologise for the late announcement but hey... we were busy feeling happy!! Please don't worry, our patients are still our No 1 priority!!! Salam semua, Klinik dan wad kami telah mula beroperasi dan kami tak sabar untuk bertemu dengan semua! Maaf sebab tak sempat membuat pengumuman semalam... masing-masing sibuk bergembira haha. Tapi jangan risau, anda masih keutamaan kami!! PS: Nak minta tolong sikit, help us tag and share this announcement with your families and friends, ok? FB is stil not allowing us to change to our new name for some reasons. Hopefully, we get to settle this very soon .
Posted by Tunku Azizah Maternity Home on Saturday, 23 January 2016



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