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Forever in the search for the perfect bag. But I must say, I've narrowed it down to 3. Do you agree?

It cannot be denied that bags and women can never be separated as it helps complete an outfit. Not only that, women are known to carry a lot of things in their bags from cell phone, purse, keys, makeup and more. Men may not understand this but women need a few bags in their closet at home to match with their various outfits. If you have no idea what are the must-have women bags to own, check out the list below.

1.Shoulder Bag
This is the most common type of bag every women has due to its classic simple design. Choose from the various shoulder bag designs available in the market and pick the one which can match with your personal style. If you want a versatile piece, shoulder bags with colours such as black, white, brown and nude will be the perfect choice. But you can always add some few colours or printed ones in your bag collection as well. The shoulder bags are perfect to be matched with anything you have on without ever looking out of style.

2.Tote Bag
For the ladies who are looking for a bag which fits a lot of items such as notebooks, laptop or books, tote bag is an absolute must-have. Spaciously designed to fit more of your belongings in, every women should at least own one or two for the days you feel you are in a rush. Throw things in and set off!

3. Clutch

Clutch bags are known to be great for women to carry for dinner parties, formal events or even a date night out. From plain designs to embellished ones, simply pick the clutch bag you adore and have it ready whenever you need it for those special occasions.



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